Iola-Scandinavia School District - Policy Series 300 - Instruction Iola-Scandinavia School District - Policy Series 300 - Instruction en-us 300 Series Index Series IndexUpdate.pdf 322 School Day School Day_UPDATE.pdf 330 Curriculum Development Curriculum Development_UPDATE.pdf 331 Evaluation of the Instructional Program Evaluation of the Instructional Program_UPDATE.pdf 341.1 Reading Instruction Instruction_update.pdf 342.1 Special Education Programs Special Education Programs.pdf 342.11 Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE).pdf 342.11-Rule Procedure for Obtaining an IEE at Public Expense Rule Procedure for Obtaining an IEE at Public Expense.pdf 342.12 Assistive Technology for Special Needs Students Assistive Technology for Special Needs Students.pdf 342.3 Gifted & Talented Program Gifted & Talented Program.pdf 342.4 Children At Risk 342.4 Rule Children At Risk Plan 342.5 Exhibit Parent/Teacher/Student Learning Compact 342.5 Programs for Disadvantaged Students 342.5 Rule Parent/Guardian Involvement Guidelines 342.51 Preschool Title I Program 342.6 English Language Learners English Language Learners.pdf 343.1 Class Size Class Size - updated.pdf 343.21 Youth Options Program Youth Options Program.pdf 343.22 Course Options Program Course Options Program.pdf 345.11 High School Grading Systems/Class Rank 345.2 Grade Reports Grade Reports.pdf 345.4 Student Promotion & Retention 345.5 High School Graduation Requirements 5 High School Graduation Requirements NEW.pdf 345.7 High School Graduation Ceremony High School Graduation Ceremony.pdf 346 Testing Programs Student Assessment Programs.pdf 346 Rule Testing Guidelines Rule Assessment Guidelines.pdf 347 Student Records Student Records.pdf 347 Rule Guidelines for the Maintenance & Confidentiality of Student Records Rule Guideline Maintenance--Confidentiality of Student Records.pdf 352 Field Trips & Excursions Field Trips_MAY_UPDATE.pdf 353 Community Resource Persons 353.1 Exhibit - School Volunteer Guidelines Exhibit School Volunteers.pdf 353.1 School Volunteers School Volunteers.pdf 361 Selection of Instructional Materials 361 Exhibit Citizen Request for Reconsideration of a Title 361 Rule Guidelines for the Selection of Library Media Center Materials 362.1 Access to Online Computer Networks/CIPA Compliance 362.1 Rule Student Acceptable Use Agreement 362.1 Computer Use Exhibit 1 Computer Use Exhibit.pdf 363 Guidance Program 364.1 Interlibrary Loan & Resource Sharing 370 Co-Curricular Activities 372 Student Fund Raising Activities Student Fundraising.pdf 373 Interscholastic Athletics Interscholastic Athletics.pdf 373 Rule Required Minimum Number of Particpants in a Sport Rule Required Minimum Number of Participants in a Sport.pdf 373 Exhibit - Application for Participation in Interscholastic or Extracurricular Activities Home Ba exhibit Home School Student Athletic Application Form.pdf 378 Cooperative Athletic Programs With Other Schools Cooperative Athletic Programs.pdf