Iola-Scandinavia School District - Policy Series 400 - Students Iola-Scandinavia School District - Policy Series 400 - Students en-us Series 400 Index 411 Equal Educational Opportunities 411 Exhibit 1 Discrimination Complaint Form 411 Exhibit 2 Notification to Complainant of Right to Appeal 411 Exhibit 3 Notification of Equal Educational Opportunities Policy 411 Rule Discrimination Complaint Procedures 411.1 Harassment 411.1 Exhibit Harassment Complaint Form 411.1 Rule Harassment Complaint Procedures 411.12 Bullying 412.1 Full Time Students 420 School Admissions 421 Entrance Age 421 Rule Early Admissions to Kindergarten or First Grade 422.1 Admission of Foreign Exchange Program Students 423 Public School Open Enrollment public_school_open_enrollment.pdf 423 Rule Procedures for Dealing With Public School Open Enrollment Applications Procedures_Open_Enrollment_applications.pdf 431 Student Attendance 431 Rule Student Attendance Guidelines 432 Assignment of Students to Classes/Teachers 441.2 Student Representatives to the Board 2.pdf 441.2 Exhibit Student Representatives to the Board Self Nomination Form 442 Student Complaints & Grievances 443 Student Conduct 443 Exhibit Code of Classroom Conduct 443.1 Student Dress Code 443.2 Student Conduct on School Buses 443.2 Exhibit Bus Rider Rules & Disciplinary Procedures 443.4 Student Alcohol & Other Drug Use 443.5 Student Use of Two Way Communication Devices 443.8 Decoration of Student Lockers 444 Married Students & School Age Parents 445 Student Interviews/Removal From School 446.1 Student Locker Searches 446.2 Student Desk Searches 447 Student Discipline/Behavior Modification 447.1 Staff Use of Physical Force 447.11 Use of Seclusion and Physicial Restraint 447.11 DB.docx 447.3 Student Suspensions/Expulsion 453.1 Emergency Nursing Services Nursing Services.pdf 453.1 Rule Emergency Nursing Services Guidelines 453.3 Communicable Diseases 3.pdf 453.3 Rule Procedures for Handling Communicable Diseases 3R.pdf 453.31 Head Lice/Nits in the School 453.31 Rule Head Lice/Nit Procedures 453.4 Administering Medication to Students with changes.pdf 454 Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting 454.pdf 454 Exhibit School Report of Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect 454 Rule Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting Guidelines 455 Student Safety 455.1 Supervision of Students 456 Alcohol and Drug Education and Assistance 458 Wellness wellness policy draft.pdf 460 Student Awards & Scholarships 460 Rule Academic Letter Guidelines 461 Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship 461 Rule Faculty Procedures for Selecting Academic Excellence Higher Education Designee in the Event 461R.pdf 462 Technical Excellence Scholarship 462-R Faculty Procedures for Selecting Technical Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Designee