Capital Projects Referendum Information

The Iola-Scandinavia School District is asking our community an important referendum question concerning the future of our district on Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

The $2.3 million referendum question takes a step toward enhanced safety, security and maintenance needs.

Community engagement and support of the projects revealed in survey responses

The success of any referendum relies heavily on community engagement and support. The Iola-Scandinavia School District has actively sought to involve the community in the decision-making process regarding the $2.3 million referendum with a community survey that was initiated this fall.

Through this survey the district has received overwhelming support from parents, teachers, and community members who recognize the importance of investing in the safety, security and maintenance of their schools. The community understands that a safe learning environment is essential for students to excel academically and emotionally. The results of the survey can be found here.

The Need for Enhanced Safety and Security in Schools

Conceptual View

(conceptual image of secure entrance remodel at the middle/high school)

In recent years, schools across the country have experienced unfortunate incidents that highlight the need for enhanced safety and security measures. Acts of violence and unauthorized access to school premises have raised concerns among parents and educators alike. It is crucial for schools to stay ahead of potential threats and take proactive measures to ensure the safety of their students and staff.

The Iola-Scandinavia School District, like many others, believes that prevention is key. By investing in safe and secure entrances they aim to deter potential threats and provide a safer environment for everyone on campus. The presence of surveillance cameras, crisis planning, and safety training are already in place. Securing our entrances and providing updated interior doors will not only enhance security measure that we have in place, but will also provide a sense of reassurance to students, teachers, and parents.

The Need for Maintenance Projects

Alongside the safety and security enhancements, the capital referendum will also address much-needed maintenance projects within the school district. Over time, wear and tear can take a toll on the infrastructure of school buildings, affecting the learning environment and overall functionality. By allocating part of the funds towards maintenance projects, the district ensures that the school facilities are well-maintained and conducive to learning.

Maintenance projects will include repairing roofs, updating heating systems, and replacing inefficient windows and doors. These improvements not only contribute to the safety and functionality of the buildings but also enhance the overall educational experience for students and teachers.

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Key Features of the Safety, Security and Maintenance Upgrades

The safety, security, and maintenance upgrade projects proposed by the $2.3 million capital referendum are designed to create a safe and efficient environment. The key features of these upgrades include:

  1. A safe and secure remodel of the main entrance of the middle/high school

  2. New boilers at the middle/high school and HVAC control system

  3. Replace exterior windows at the elementary school

  4. Replace interior doors

  5. Repair and replace roofs on sections of various district buildings

Vote April 2, 2024

The voting process for the $2.3 million referendum will follow the established protocols for school district referendums. The community will have the opportunity to vote on the referendum question on Tuesday April 2, 2024.

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