Safe Schools: Overwhelmingly, schools are safe and nurturing places for students, and school leaders and faculty are dedicated to making sure schools remain safe learning environments for all students. Recent incidents across the country have again heightened awareness for school safety and security. At Iola-Scandinavia Middle/High School we have taken many steps to ensure the students that enter our buildings are safe. We have discussed and reviewed school safety plans with local and county law enforcement agencies, we have reviewed plans with staff, and we continue to modify and update safety procedures. We also practice fire evaluations, tornado safety drills, and lockdown procedures with students and staff. Iola-Scandinavia Middle/High School is committed to continue our effort to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for your child. End of School year: The final days of the 2018-2019 school year are approaching quickly. The weather has started to warm up and students are starting to make plans for summer. It is very important that students of all ages stay focused on academic achievement during the remainder of the school year. Please encourage students to keep up with homework assignments, prepare for tests, and to do their best work on projects. Students are encouraged to ask for support and assistance from their teachers so that they can continue their academic growth. The warmer weather also brings out the changing over of the wardrobe. Please re- mind students to dress appropriately for school and their academic setting. The dress code can be reviewed in each student’s academic planner.

The month of May is full of opportunities to see student athletes in action please show your Thunderbird Pride at a Baseball, Softball, Track, Soccer, or Golf event. Check the Activities calendar on the Iola-Scandinavia website for the dates and times that your favorite team is in action. May is also a time of recognizing students for their academic accomplishments I have listed dates and times: Senior Recognition Program, May 19, 2:00 p.m., High School Auditorium; Graduation, May 26, 1:00p.m., High School Gymnasium.

Hope to see you there!