New Gym Floor

One of the big projects over the summer of 2019 was the removal of the original gym floor and replacing it.  The original floor was damaged by storm water in the summer of 2018.  The floor was temporarily fixed so that the floor could be used during the 2018-2019 school year knowing that insurance money would cover the cost of the floor being replaced this summer.

In June, the original floor was removed leaving the concrete base.

The next step was to install the lattice underlayment to give the floor some bounce.

This was a very labor intensive job that took several weeks.  

The result was a beautiful wooden floor.

The floor had to be sanded several times.

Next was to stain the floor, paint the lines, and put on the final coats of finish.

The results are a great new floor that will be ready for students as they return to school this fall.