On Wednesday October 23rd, the entire high school will participate in a community service day. Students will branch out to their designated projects to dedicate their time and effort to help spruce up the community.

Some locations students will travel to include the school forest, Highway G, and the Millstone Riverbank. At the school forest, students will groom the trails and pick up sticks. The highway clean up crew will be dropped off at the bridge in Scandinavia and work their way back to the school picking up trash alongside the highway. The Millstone group will rake up the leaves and clean the grounds of the riverbank nearby. 

Brooke Bonikowske had this to say about community service day “It’s a great way to give back to the community that has given us so much. The students always have a fun time working in their group.” 

This act of service makes for a day full of memories for the students, staff, and community members. It teaches the students the importance of giving back and strengthens the relationship between community and school.