Iola-Scandinavia Middle/High School is devoted to providing a safe experience for student-athletes and their families.  All of our schools in the Central Wisconsin Conference competing this fall recognize that to achieve a safe playing environment for student athletes, a series of safety measures must be implemented that will limit elements of the experience for spectators, students, and other community and school based groups that otherwise share in the game day experience.  Such measures are designed to support student-athletes’ ability to safely play their full sport season in good health.  

Each school community may have different factors that play into decisions in regards to allowing fans and/or limiting the number of fans.  Here is a document that outlines the regulations that are currently in place for the CWC schools.   This document may change day-to-day depending on the circumstances in each community.  It is important that you check this document prior to each event.  Equally important is that we respect and honor each school's decision on fan attendance.

The one factor that is consistent for every event is that masks and social distancing will be required at all indoor and outdoor events.

Here is also a document that outlines the game specific regulations at Iola-Scandinavia.

Thank you for your support of Iola-Scandinavia Student Athletes!